Nitrogen Systems for Marine Applications

GENERON® Marine Nitrogen Generators for Chemical Tankers & Gas Carriers

GENERON Norway specializes in nitrogen systems for the marine industry, promoting our own systems for a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Inerting of cargo on all types of tankers during cargo discharge.
  • General purging/cargoes stripping purpose.
  • Padding of oxygen sensible cargo.
  • Bleeding of insulation space onboard LNG vessels.
  • LNG propulsion systems, purging of fuel pipes, etc.

All process air products are supported by our internal manufacturing teams who serve customers worldwide.

Marine Nitrogen Generation Systems

Whether you need nitrogen generation systems for marine blanketing, general blanketing, floating production storage and offloading, floating liquified natural gas platforms, or another application - GENERON Norway can support your needs.

Marine Cabinets

The GENERON® Marine Cabinet Series utilize our patented hollow fiber membranes to produce low to medium nitrogen gas flow rates. Our cabinet series marine nitrogen generators have an extremely small footprint while using less power and lower pressures than our competitors.

Air Compressors & Pretreatment

Our GENERON® Marine Skid Series Units deliver high nitrogen gas flow rates with a relatively small footprint. These systems are installed within newly developed compact membrane cabinets and combined with compact pretreatment/control skids.

PSA System

Our GENERON® Marine PSA Systems are designed with a reduced footprint to accommodate the minimal space requirements on ships and tankers. These units operate using alternating twin tower adsorber vessels that eliminate the need for large receiver tanks.

Common Applications

  • Marine
  • General blanketing
  • Inerting of flammable liquids & gases
  • FNLG
  • FPSOs
  • Anywhere high-purity nitrogen is needed

Standard Features

  • ASME coded vessels
  • Full filtration package
  • High cycle life valves
  • Class approved air buffer with accessories
  • Class approved N₂ buffer with accessories
  • Integrated compressor and dryer controls
  • Integrated skid for installation ease
  • Online oxygen analyzer
  • PLC with HMI
  • Purity control logic
  • DNV-GL type approval for cabinets

Optional Features

  • 3rd party marine approval
  • Vessel certification (PED, ABS, CRN, etc.)
  • Auto standby
  • Performance certificate
  • Product flow meter
  • Remote panels
  • Deck area equipment (ship loose)
  • Pressure reduction cabinet (ship loose)
  • NEMA cabinet enclosure

Other Process Air Solutions

GENERON Norway specializes in inert gas systems for oil tankers and chemical transport ships for the European marine market. All our process air products are supported by our internal manufacturing teams and can serve customers worldwide.

Contact GENERON today for more details about Turnkey Systems and Custom Engineered Solutions.