About Us


GENERON Norway is located in Kristiansand, Norway to be near the European marine market. We have over 30 years’ experience in design and sales of Marine N₂ systems. GENERON Norway is promoting GENERON® Marine Nitrogen Systems worldwide. There are already over 1000 GENERON® Nitrogen Systems installed on ships sailing the world’s oceans.

All GENERON products are fully supported by internal manufacturing groups, and we have a broad service network serving our customers worldwide.

GENERON Norway is a subsidiary of GENERON.

Who Are We?

The GENERON Group is one of the world’s largest manufactures of PSA and Membrane Nitrogen Generators with over 2,000 installed systems worldwide.

The GENERON Group has three manufacturing facilities supporting its PSA and Membrane fabrication needs. All Process and Nitrogen Membranes are manufactured at its California Facility and system fabrication is accomplished in its Texas or China facilities.

Why Choose GENERON Group for your Nitrogen Generator Requirements:

  • Quality – All of the GENERON facilities are ISO 9001 Certified
  • Extensive experience in both PSA and Membrane System
  • Modular design for easy installation
  • Smallest footprint available
  • Systems designed for long-term reliability
  • Strategic alliance with marine compressor and dryer suppliers
  • Extensive service network
  • GENERON has a top rated membrane on the market when comparing nitrogen/air ratio

Environmentally Responsible Solution

Inert gas environments can be achieved by one of GENERON PSA or Membrane Nitrogen Generators or by use of a combustion process based Inert Gas Generator System (IGGs).

GENERON works to design its systems to support green initiatives by reducing carbon footprints. Combustion-based IGGs produces byproducts that are damaging to the environment, and cost more in energy consumption.

Why choose GENERON IGGs instead of traditional combustion IGGs?

  • At 95% nitrogen purity, PSA and Membrane technology reduces energy consumption and CO2 production by about 30%.
  • At 97% nitrogen purity, these technologies have around 20% less energy consumption and CO2 production.
  • Zero discharge of acidic quench water.
  • Generated inert gas is dry and non-acidic preventing corrosion of downstream piping.
  • No contamination risk of sensitive cargo.