Marine Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Our patented GENERON® Membrane Separation Systems are engineered for efficient operation and can suit a wide range of flow capacities. Our nitrogen generators can meet your space and design requirements; from our Marine Cabinets, our Skid-Mounted designs, our Container and Mobile Packages, or our Custom-Engineered-and-Built Systems.

All our nitrogen generators are suitable for marine use. GENERON® Nitrogen Membrane Filters use on-demand compressed air so that high-pressure gas storage is kept to a minimum on your tanker or ship. These systems can be customized to include instrument air or dry air, primary air compression, high-pressure booster compressors, nitrogen bottle fill or bottle back-up systems.

GENERON® Triton 6150 Marine Cabinet Series

Our cabinet nitrogen generator is ideal where low to medium nitrogen flow rates are required in a small footprint. The patent pending GENERON® Triton 6150-CPM Modules facilitate a 50% smaller footprint and less power usage than most competitors.

Skid-Mounted Nitrogen Generators

The GENERON® Marine Skid Series is ideal where high Nitrogen flow rates are required with a relatively small footprint. GENERON® Skid Series is designed and manufactured using the patented GENERON® Hollow Fiber Membranes, installed inside a newly developed compact Membrane cabinet combined with a compact Pretreatment/control skid. These highly engineered systems produce required flow rates with up to 50% smaller footprint than our competitors and use less power by operating at lower pressure and by replacing electrical heater with a dryer.

By replacing the electrical heater with a dryer our membranes get a much more optimal condition for operation also reducing the risk of damaging the membranes due to residual water/oil in the feed air stream. With reduced feed pressure and dryer instead of heater the total power requirement will be reduced by approx. 25%.

The GENERON® Membrane modules contain over a million fibers. Compressed feed air is passed down the bores of the fibers at one end of the module, with enriched nitrogen product gas exiting from the opposite end. Oxygen and water vapor are selectively removed and vented from the feed air as it flows through the module.

Our ISO-9001, ASME, PED/PE, UL/CUL certified facilities and shops ensure the highest standards are met and your expectations exceeded.


  • Marine
  • General Blanketing
  • Blanketing of Chemical & Pharmaceuticals
  • Inerting of Flammable Liquids & Gases
  • Cylinder Filling

Standard Features

  • .01 Micron Coalescing Filter with drain
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • GENERON® Hollow Fiber Membranes
  • Manual Purity Control Valve
  • PLC Control System with HMI Feature
  • Fail Safe Package (off –spec nitrogen auto-vented)
  • NEMA 12 Cabinet Enclosure
  • Inlet Pressure Gauge
  • Outlet Pressure Gauge
  • Oxygen Analyzer with Calibration Valve
  • Pressure Safety Valve
  • Skid with lifting lugs
  • Performance Test and Report
  • Performance certificate

Optional Features

  • Automatic Purity Control Valve
  • NEMA 4X Control Cabinet Enclosure (316SS)
  • Enhanced PLC with Telemetry
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Auto/Standby Mode
  • Product Flow Meter
  • Dew Point Analyzer
  • Primary Air Compression
  • Sea-water cooled Air Compressor
  • Nitrogen Booster Compressor for high pressure applications

Add pictures of new Membrane cabinet (Odfjell) + compact filter skid + same P&ID as on cabinet model.