Air Compressors & Pretreatment

GENERON has established a strategic relationship with the top marine screw compressor manufacturer (TMC). TMC is the only screw compressor manufacture making equipment strictly for the marine and offshore markets. They have established extensive relationships with both ship owners and ship builders throughout the world.

GENERON’s recommendation to use TMC compressors is based on the three most important parameters affecting the reliability of its nitrogen generation equipment:

  • Quality of the compressed air
  • Service support
  • Manufactured to marine standards

Quality of the Compressed Air

Carry over of oil in the compressed air stream is the number one cause of problems with nitrogen generating equipment (membrane or PSA technology). GENERON’s primary reason for recommending TMC compressors is that they have a unique 3-stage oil separation system that reduces the oil carry over to 2 PPM or less.

GENERON designs all its nitrogen generating equipment with a prefiltration system to handle compressed air with 4 PPM oil carryover. This is a multistep process that ensures virtually oil free air to the downstream separation nitrogen generators.

Service and Support

They have established an extensive service network and provide on line support and parts availability 24/7. They have a library of instructional videos tailored so that ship personnel can do routine maintenance. They have committed to deliver OEM parts anywhere in the world within 48 hours.

The have representatives in all the main ports globally. Key service and part centers have been established in Brazil, USA, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, UAE, China, Japan and South Korea. Service engineers are available 24/7, and they are supported by experienced support staff.

Manufactured to Marine Standards

All compressors and dryers’ products are type approved by DNV. Compressors are tested for all of the seas extreme conditions with capacities up to 400 kW type approved by DNV. TMC compressors are available with approval by for all the major classification societies – ABS, BV, marine and offshore use: DNV, GL, KR, LRS, RINA, and others. OHSAS 18001:2007 ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008. During testing they simulate some of the most extreme conditions on earth, from tropical to arctic temperatures & humidity.

Key Highlights:

The compressors are built for high temperatures. Motors and coolers, electrical components, and every other aspect of the compressors are designed to withstand an ambient temperature of 55°C. Electrical cables are halogen free. Electrical motors are IP55 certified. The coolers are oversized to ensure reliable operation in high ambient environments.

Please see the TMC web site for more detailed information.